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This week's best selling bouquets & chocolate covered strawberries

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Delicious chocolate covered strawberries and fresh fruit bouquets by Edible Arrangements® resemble bouquets of flowers in blossom. These tasty fruit gift baskets inspired by fruit bouquets are a treat for everyone on your gift list. Holiday gifts just got better with our delectable fruit gift baskets. Our fresh fruit arrangements are excellent gifts and centerpieces for a Wedding or New Year celebration. Gift baskets made from fresh fruit are the perfect gift for every occasion from a birthday, anniversary or a Father's day gift, to a Wedding; these fruit baskets say it all. Our edible creations allow you to combine a gourmet food basket, fresh fruit and chocolate with a flower bouquet all in one delivery. Our delicious Valentines Day fruit baskets and beautiful Mother's Day gift baskets are great gift. Experience the real taste of fresh fruit with our edible fruit bouquets. Order one now or explore our Every day gift guide to select the perfect gift for someone special.