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    Christmas Gifts for Couples

    Shopping for couples this Christmas? Edible Arrangements has delicious arrangements perfect for couples to enjoy this holiday. Shop our Christmas collection here!

    Christmas Gifts for Couples

    When you want to recognize a special couple at Christmas time, buying a gift for them as a couple is often more practical than buying individual gifts. Whether you’re hundreds of miles away and won’t have the opportunity to see them in person this holiday season or you’re looking for a unique but practical gift you know they’ll appreciate, a tasty treat from Edible Arrangements® makes an excellent Christmas gift for any couple.

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Married Couples

    Married couples don’t always have a lot of similar interests, which makes finding a Christmas gift suitable for a couple a bit challenging. Rather than buy them separate gifts that they can’t enjoy together, choose a Christmas gift from Edible Arrangements® that you know they’ll both love. If one spouse has an insatiable sweet tooth and the other is health-conscious, choose a holiday fruit arrangement featuring a mix of fresh fruit favorites and chocolate dipped fruits, like chocolate dipped pineapple reindeer, star-shaped pineapples, chocolate dipped strawberries, orange wedges, and more. With something for everyone to choose from, any married couple can enjoy sharing a tasty treat together – no matter how much their tastes differ.

    Christmas Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

    For couples who seem to have everything they could possibly want, Christmas shopping can prove frustrating. Instead of spending weeks or months trying to find a great gift they don’t already have, shop with Edible Arrangements® for a unique gift you know they’ll appreciate. Choose from delightful holiday-themed fruit arrangements, a box of Stuffed and Dipped Strawberries or Apple Fruit Truffles®, or a gift bundle complete with fresh-baked cookies or a Merry Christmas balloon. No matter what you choose, a gift from Edible Arrangements® is the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer to your favorite couple.

    Practical Christmas Gifts for Couples

    For many couples, practical Christmas gifts are best. Whether they’re just starting their family or downsizing to a smaller home, every couple can enjoy delicious fresh fruit and delectable chocolate dipped fruits. At Edible Arrangements®, our extensive holiday gift collection includes many practical gifts, such as fresh fruit arrangements carefully arranged in a keepsake container they can put to use long after they’ve enjoyed all the mouth-watering fruit. A box of oh-so-delicious Apple Fruit Truffles® is the perfect snackable practical gift they can share, savoring each delicious bite when they take a quick break from their busy day-to-day lives. Choose an arrangement with a mix of fresh fruits and chocolate-dipped fruits so they can both partake in the treats they love most.

    Christmas Gifts for Couples Delivered

    When you can’t be there in person but still want to let a special couple know they’re on your mind and in your heart this Christmas, shop with Edible Arrangements® to have a festive Christmas gift delivered straight to their door. With plenty of delectable Christmas gifts for couples to choose from, you can cross every couple off your holiday shopping list when you shop with Edible Arrangements®. Browse our extensive collection of amazing holiday gifts, choose the perfect gift, and tell us where to deliver it, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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