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    Unique & Fresh Ideas for Corporate Events

    Make your next business event even more memorable! Our fresh fruit bouquets are always expertly arranged, so you can be sure you'll make a lasting impression on all your VIP guests. Whether you're planning an important meeting, a corporate convention, or a holiday party, we can help you find the perfect table centerpieces, desserts, or business gifts to suit your professional needs.

    Your Selection: Corporate Events

    Corporate Event Desserts

    Every corporate event should end with something sweet. Our collection of corporate event desserts look beautiful on a Venetian dessert table at the end of a keynote dinner or as a standalone treat at the end of breakout sessions, as event participants gather in the main ballroom. Chocolate Dipped Fruit™ satisfies their cravings for something decadent, while fresh strawberries, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and grapes give a fresh option for the health-minded to enjoy without having to feel any guilt.

    Corporate Gifts for Event VIPs

    Make your event VIPs feel treasured with corporate gifts for event VIPs that go way beyond the overused corporate goodie bag. Nobody wants another screen-printed mug or tee shirt when they can savor a box of Swizzle Berries® or festive Pineapple Drip Cakes™ with colorful glaze and sprinkles. The boxes of decadent treats almost look too good to eat. Don’t be surprised when your event’s hashtag blows up on social media when your VIPs post pictures of their beautiful and photogenic gift. As their followers see what a thoughtful gift your company gave to its VIPs, they may ask attendees what they need to do to become a VIP for your next event! You may see an uptick in VIP tickets or increased sales.

    Thank You Gifts for Event Attendees

    With great thank you gifts for event attendees, you can truly make your event one that people remember. As attendees leave your conference or meeting, place an amazing display of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ by the exit to give them a chance to take home a delicious daisy made from pineapple and cantaloupe or a semisweet and white chocolate Dipped™ banana. The gift of fruit makes the end of any event seem sweeter. It is certainly a detail that they will share and remember.

    Thank You Gifts for Vendors

    For many conferences and corporate events, vendors are key to getting sponsorships and securing event funding, offering attendees with the shopping opportunities they want, and getting attendee buy-in. It is important that you choose thank you gifts for vendors that make them feel appreciated, such as an Edible Arrangements® gift set with chocolate Dipped Fruit™ pieces, fresh fruit, and brightly-colored “Thank You” balloons. Or if you’d rather, give each vendor a box of chocolate dipped strawberries, apples, and bananas that they can take home to share with their families.

    Corporate Event Favors

    For a smaller, more intimate corporate event where you’re planning to woo prospective clients to become long-term customers, choose corporate event favors that they’ll actually want to take home. A small fruit arrangement placed centrally on a meeting table serves as a colorful centerpiece, an easy-to-reach snack, and a corporate event favor that everyone will want to take home. You won’t have to worry what to do with all of the event centerpieces at the end of the night because either the fruit will be eaten or someone will happily take the Edible® fruit arrangement home with them. You can even raffle them off for a fun twist.

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