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    Easter Desserts, Treats & Gift Baskets

    Our delectable selection of Easter gifts, including our diverse displays of fresh fruits, specialty dessert boxes, treats and assorted chocolate dipped fruit arrangements, add an extra special touch to this day. To share at a family gathering, as a hosting gift, or just because, you’ll find the perfect offering at Edible Arrangements®!

    Your Selection: Easter

    Easter Gifts for Adults

    For Easter gifts for adults, our offerings of indulgent desserts, fresh fruit bouquets, or collections of chocolate dipped fruit treat everyone to some sweetness. Spectacular fresh fruit arrangements and Easter gift baskets, including fruits like pineapple, strawberries, and melon, provide colourful centerpieces for visual and taste appeal, as well as the delight of sharing them together whether in platter form or in the form of a floral bouquet. Our curated bakery bundles, including mouth watering cheesecakes, luscious brownies, and cookies, are an updated take on the classic Easter gift basket, but you can still make your favourite child or grandchild search for it, if you want!

    Easter Gifts for Kids

    Surprise your kids at Easter this year with treats in unexpected forms! Have fun as a family with the fruit dipping kit that lets each person chocolate dip (or not) with their favorite fruit. Wow them with vibrant and delightful specialty Easter dessert boxes that include plush unicorns, bears, or llamas in addition to treats like cupcakes, cakes, or brownies. Want Easter gifts for kids that they can enjoy together? The colourful smiley platter includes fun and varied emojis on assorted fruits and will surely cause much merriment over these unique sweets.

    Easter Gift Ideas

    By the time Easter actually arrives, you may have had your fill of familiar Easter candy. For fresh Easter gift ideas, embrace the tradition of sweetness associated with this holiday but with a twist. Instead of a box of chocolate eggs, present a visual array of chocolate dipped fruits in forms like flowers, stars, and doves. For Easter treats and gift ideas that incorporate many of traditional holiday gifts, like flowers and desserts, as well as chocolate, choose from one of our bundle offerings, perhaps one that includes beautiful roses or seasonal flowers with cupcakes or a fresh fruit display.

    Personalized Easter Gifts

    Personalized Easter gifts are easy to find, especially when you use our Create Your Own Gift options. Choosing from one of these selections, you can create your own platter or box of fresh fruit, chocolate dipped fruit with various toppings, or a choice of desserts like cheesecakes and cupcakes with your choice of design options. You can also choose from our prepared assortments, which allow you to customize selections to the spectrum of tastes to which you want your gift to appeal. For your sister, the clean eater, and your grandma, who believes that sweets are the most important part of any meal, there is an inclusive dessert board or perfect combination gift set for each and every intended recipient.

    Easter Gifts for Toddlers

    Although many toddlers have the uncanny ability to make any item edible, encourage them to enjoy more delicious choices with gifts from Edible Arrangements®. Instead of that rock they found in the yard, the beautiful and seemingly towering array of a fruit and chocolate bouquet complete with chocolate butterflies or doves will draw their eyes and their hands. Other Easter gifts for toddlers that let them celebrate their independence without infringing on anyone else’s ability to enjoy delicious cake may be in the individual servings of cheesecake or cupcakes. With their own personal Easter dessert, they can enjoy the hands-in eating experience or dessert as high chair art that may entertain all without anyone else missing out on their own special Easter treat.

    Same Day Easter Gifts

    Although you may remember the approximate date of Easter each year, it sometimes still manages to arrive unexpectedly. Let Edible Arrangements® assist you with any last minute preparations with our delicious spectrum of same day Easter gifts. From fruit and chocolate bouquets with special seasonal touches to platters and boxes that everyone at the upcoming gathering can enjoy, take the extra hustle out of the day by arranging for that special gift to be delivered or find extra savings by stopping by your local Edible Arrangements® store on the way to your event.

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