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Froyo Fruit Blends

This isn't like any frozen yogurt you've had before. Try us.

Available in select locations.
Look for the Smoothie Image in the Store Finder

How do we make the freshest fruit froyo ever? We start with the very best fruit pureed until perfectly smooth, then blended with all-natural non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt.

Classic Froyo Fruit Blends

You choose the fruit puree from our daily selection to create your own custom flavor, then top with your choice of fresh cut fruit.  258-331 Cals

Indulgent Froyo Fruit Blends

You choose the fruit puree from our daily selection, pick a fresh cut fruit topping, then finish it off with hot fudge, whipped cream & chopped almonds.  560-633 Cals

Nut Lover's Indulgent Froyo Fruit Blends

A Unique (and nutty!) spin on traditional frozen yogurt, our Nut Lover's Indulgent Froyo Fruit Blends is a perfect mix of sweet, savory, and all-around delicious! Our Fruit Experts®
combine fresh strawberry puree, our Nut Lover's Blend of almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts,
and all-natural Tahitian Frozen Yogurt to produce a delightful blend of flavors. Topped with
sliced bananas, fresh strawberries, hot fudge, whipped cream, and even more nuts, this tasty
treat is sure to satisfy and nut lover's craving for crunch!  677 Cals

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