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Seasonal Smoothies

Limited Time Only!

Treat yourself to one of our
Fresh Fruit Smoothies made
especially for the season!

Available in select locations.
Look for the Smoothie Image in the Store Finder

Nut Lover's Indulgence Smoothie

Whether you're kick-starting your morning or treating yourself to a mid-day snack, our Nut
Lover's Smoothie is one to satisfy both your savory craving and your sweet tooth! Featuring
bananas and chocolate blended to perfection with almonds, pistachios, and caramelized
hazelnut, this indulgent treat serves as the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day. Topped with
whipped cream and sprinkled with even more chopped nuts, this smoothie delivers smooth,
crunchy, and all-around deliciousness with every sip! 551-1030 Cal

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