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    Festive Fall Desserts & Gifts

    Our festive fall gifts and treats are the ultimate addition to your next office party, gathering, or special occasion. Featuring an irresistibly decadent assortment of gourmet chocolate Dipped Fruit™, fresh fruit arrangements, and so much more, our collection of fall favourites has everything you need to celebrate the season deliciously.

    Your Selection: Fall Favourites

    Best Fall Desserts & Foods

    Fall is the favourite time of year for many people. The weather is crisp and there are lots of great outdoor activities that fill our days. Fall is a great time for family and building memories as the warmth of the day cools during the evening and we head inside for tasty fall desserts with our kids. Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of fall fruit arrangements that include all your favourite flavoured desserts like caramel apples and pumpkin treats. Visit our fall favourites collection and choose from an assortment of fall desserts and foods featuring apples dipped in caramel and semisweet chocolate, strawberries and bananas topped with delicious hazelnut crunch, and refreshingly tangy orange for your family or neighbour.

    Fall Treats for Get-Togethers

    Fall is the perfect time of year for getting together with friends, families and neighbours. As the chaos of summer passes and the kids regain a routine with school, we take advantage of the crisp weather and enjoy hosting or attending get-togethers with others. To help provide or bring a great fall treat when hosting or attending a get-together, then simply browse our selection of fall favourites. Edible Arrangements® offers a wide selection of fall flavours in our assortment of fruit arrangements, baskets, bouquets and dessert platters for any type of gathering. Many of the arrangements even include leaf-shaped pineapples and other fruits that reflect the colors of the season.

    Fall Gifts for Her

    For many women, fall is their favourite time of year. Show your love this season with a simple fall gift for her! With Edible Arrangements®, you can find a great selection of small and simple fall gifts that will show her how you feel. From a collection of fruits dipped in chocolate, pumpkin flavoured cheesecakes, salted caramel treats and more, you can send a clear message that you care and that you want her to have something special. For example, the Flavours of Fall Box is filled with chocolate covered bananas with a hazelnut crunch, salted caramel apple wedges and our classic chocolate covered strawberries with an orange swizzle makes an ideal fall gift for her. Plus, for special moments and occasions, our fall favourites collection includes great options for events like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, or anytime you need to make a big statement to the person that you care about. That way, she’ll know that you are thinking of special ways to make her fall season as awesome as possible.

    Fall Gift Ideas for Employees and Clients

    Tokens of appreciation and acknowledgement are a great way to maintain and improve your relationship with your employees and clients. Additionally, fall is a great time to express how much you value your professional relationships because it is a goldilocks time after the summer rush and before the holiday deluge of gifts. For some simple fall gift ideas, Edible Arrangements® offers great choices with our combination of a fall-focused look, fresh fruit and our classic chocolate covered strawberries, along with seasonal favourites like salted caramel apples and pumpkin cheesecakes. Plus, working with our business gifting options, there are plenty of gift boxes to send to clients or pass out to employees.

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