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    Family Day Gifts

    On the third Monday in February (or whenever you decide to celebrate family), celebrate Family Day with thoughtful fresh fruit gifts, as well as cake, cookies, balloons, or brownie bundles! Shop now for treats and collections that everyone in your family will enjoy!

    Your Selection: Family Day

    Family Day Gifts for Everyone

    From your aunt who considers chocolate its own food group to your brother, the nutritionist, Edible Arrangements offers a wide spectrum of Family Day gifts for everyone. Fresh ripe fruits like bananas, pineapple, melon, and strawberries, emerge like vibrant flowers in bouquet and centerpiece designs. Choose to incorporate chocolate dipped toppings on some or all of the fruit and even unique Swizzles® and other decorative touches. Creating a box of chocolate dipped fruits or other baked goods lets everyone in the family have the opportunity to choose their preferences. For the family you have or the family you’ve made, show your appreciation and love for each other with a special, edible delight that you can share together or as a way to connect despite any distance between you.

    Unique Family Day Gifts

    Beloved gift favourites like flowers and chocolates are known for their association with appreciation and affection. For this year’s Family Day, why not choose unique Family Day gifts that put a fun spin on these valued classics? Although our fresh bouquets of flowers and individual chocolate cakes are certainly a dynamic duo, a delicious, sweet bouquet made of fruits, like strawberries, apples, and pineapples, in flower and star shapes with chocolate confections and coatings provide an equally delightful twist on the original. It may be tradition for the family to enjoy a certain box of delicious chocolate truffles, like those available at Edible Arrangements®, but for a unique Family Day gift, try Swizzle Apple Fruit Truffles® or a Family Fruit Dipping Kit that includes specialty chocolate for fondue dipping.

    Family Day Gifts Delivered

    We know you are excited to celebrate this special day together, regardless of your proximity to each other; let’s make it happen by having Family Day gifts delivered to your beloved recipients. Edible Arrangements® supports your celebrations regardless of location with our free delivery and same day delivery options. Will everyone be gathering together at your house for the special day? Surprise them with the delivery of a gorgeous and delicious chocolate dipped fruit centerpiece to enjoy together. Celebrating Family Day with a virtual party? Order a decadent gift, like a bundle of cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, or chocolates, so that everyone can indulge their sweet tooth together and enjoy the shared time, even from miles apart. We will help you deliver joy on Family Day with our options for having Family Day gifts delivered.

    Same Day Family Day Gifts

    In the February cold and the lull after the refresh of the New Year, the third week in February may arrive before you know it. When you are suddenly struck by its appearance on the calendar indicating that today is in fact the day you’ll get together, find same day Family Day gifts online or at your local franchise locations. Although planning in advance may give you a wider range of choices for delivery or personalization, same day Family Day gifts may come with extra savings, especially if you are able to pick them up from a store near you. However you acquire your gift, the presence and enjoyment of your beautiful chocolate dipped fruit display or dessert board filled with cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, and other chocolate and caramel confections will bring happiness to your Family Day events.

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