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    Class of 2021 Bundle Shown: Large
    Product Code: 5781

    Class of 2021 Bundle

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    Mark this special occasion with three Congratulations! balloons and the sweetest of treats. The Delicious Celebration® – Dipped Fruit Delight is a fun, brightly colored arrangement filled with an assortment of strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, and banana slices hand-dipped in a combination of white and semisweet chocolate. This gift also features semisweet chocolate dipped apple wedges and pineapple daisies and stars, in addition to a fresh pineapple 2021 on top. We've also included our Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Apples & Pineapple Box. Strawberries, Granny Smith apple wedges and pineapple daisies are carefully dipped in melt-in-your-mouth semisweet chocolate. Perfect for anyone who aced the school year, this gift delivers pure happiness with every bite.

    Product does not come with plate. Container may vary. Allergy Warning: Edible Arrangements® products may contain peanuts and/or tree nuts. We recommend that you take the necessary precautions based on any related allergies.


    Cantaloupe Balls

    Cantaloupe Wedges


    Honeydew Wedges

    Pineapple 2s

    Pineapple Number 1

    Pineapple Zeroes

    Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Apple Wedges

    Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Daisies

    Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Stars

    Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


    White and Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Bananas



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