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    Time After Time Roses Shown: One Size
    Product Code: 6170
    Limited Time Offer!

    Time After Time™ Roses

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    Sweetness is in bloom! Perfectly preserved for years of lasting beauty, our Time After Time™ Roses embody each uniquely sweet message you wish to send and each uniquely sweet memory you’re bound to create. Elevate special moments and so much more with this truly timeless gift. Crafted with 100% real roses.

    Time After Time™ Roses Care Instructions
    Please read carefully. Your roses are 100% real, but the attention they require is a little different from what you might expect.
    • DO NOT remove from box
    • DO NOT water
    • DO NOT expose to direct sunlight
    • DO NOT expose to extreme temperatures
    • DO NOT place anything on top of roses
    *As you decide where to display your roses, please keep in mind that they may stain adjacent items, especially fabrics.
    *What if your roses get dusty? Simply set your blow dryer to cool air on the lowest setting and gently remove the dust.

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