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    Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

    Whether it's a special occasion or you’re simply looking for a thoughtful gift, Edible Arrangements is sure to satisfy all her cravings. Shop our treats today!

    Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

    If your wife is expecting, you may be unsure how to best handle the hormonal ups and downs she’s coping with. Whether her birthday or another special occasion is right around the corner or you’re simply looking for a sweet and thoughtful gift to brighten her day, you’re sure to find an amazing gift that will make her smile at Edible Arrangements®. We offer an extensive collection of beautiful fruit arrangements featuring fresh fruit favorites and chocolate dipped fruits, boxes of delectable chocolate Dipped Fruit™, fresh baked cookies, decadent cheesecakes, and so much more.

    Birthday Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

    She may not be able to enjoy a glass of her favorite wine on her birthday, but that doesn’t mean an expectant mom’s birthday has to be boring. Give her the next best thing: an arrangement filled with star-shaped pineapples, our signature Apple Fruit Truffles®, strawberries dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate and rolled in confetti cake crumbles, and a variety of bite-size fresh fruit pieces, all carefully arranged in a martini glass-shaped container she can cherish for years to come. Want to go bigger? Opt for a gift bundle that also includes a box of miniature confetti pineapple cakes, semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries, and white chocolate ‘Happy Birthday’ rounds, topped off with a festive Happy Birthday box sleeve and a Happy Birthday balloon. It’s sure to satisfy all her cravings.

    Early Pregnancy Gifts for Your Wife

    If it’s early in your wife’s pregnancy, you may be considering a congratulatory gift as a thoughtful gesture to let her know how much you appreciate her. A box of our classic chocolate dipped strawberries is perfect for the two of you to share over a romantic evening as you look forward to your next adventure: parenthood! Featuring the freshest, finest strawberries hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate, it’s a combination of flavors that’s truly divine. Or, choose a simple, sweet arrangement featuring heart-shaped pineapples, chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes, and more.

    Gift Ideas for Your Expecting Wife

    Does your pregnant wife have a birthday coming up? Maybe Mother’s Day is right around the corner, or your anniversary. Or, maybe you’re just looking for a thoughtful just-because gift idea for a sweet surprise. Whatever the reason, Edible Arrangements® has an extensive collection of charming, thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to brighten your wife’s day. Choose a delightful arrangement filled with our signature pineapple daisies, fresh strawberries, and other fresh fruit favorites. If your wife is a fashionista, choose an arrangement featuring high heel-shaped pineapples dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate and topped with fabulous pink Swizzle®. The possibilities are endless!

    Pregnancy Gifts for First-Time Moms

    If your wife is becoming a mom for the first time, you want to make her pregnancy extra-special by pampering her at every opportunity. Satisfy her cravings with a box of delectable Swizzle Berries®, featuring the freshest strawberries hand-dipped in semisweet chocolate and decorated with white Swizzle® for an added touch of flair. Take advantage of our convenient delivery options to have a beautiful arrangement of fresh fruits and chocolate dipped fruits, a box of decadent chocolate Dipped Fruit®, or a gift bundle that includes a bit of everything, complete with a cheerful balloon, delivered straight to her door. It’s a great way to surprise her at the office to let her know that she’s always on your mind.

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