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    Frighteningly Fresh Halloween Treats & Gifts

    Dress up your Halloween party’s dessert table with a frightfully festive fruit arrangement, gift set, or chocolate Dipped Fruit™ box! From classroom party snacks to unique desserts, our gifts and treats are spooky, yet sweet additions to every kind of celebration this season!

    Your Selection: Halloween (10/31)

    Unique Halloween Gifts

    Halloween is a special time of year where everyone is looking for a unique way to express themselves. Your gift can stand out from the crowd when you choose unique Halloween gifts from Edible Arrangements®. From Halloween-shaped options like ghost-shaped pineapples, bats, and cats to chocolate Dipped™ apple donuts decorated like pumpkins, Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of festive gifts to get anyone in the Halloween spirit.

    Halloween Gifts for Adults

    While it is super easy to find Halloween gifts for kids, adults are not so simple. Edible Arrangements® has the best Halloween gifts for kids and adults alike, so you can simplify your Halloween to-do list. Nothing represents the holiday better than an Edible Arrangements® display with ghost, bat, or pumpkin-shaped Dipped Fruit™. You can also try a box with our Pineapple Drip Cakes™, a perfectly sweet way to enjoy the spooky holiday. Many adults are planning Halloween parties as well, and a large fruit display from Edible Arrangements® makes a perfect party table centerpiece that’s sure to impress, with minimal effort on your part.

    Scary Halloween Gifts

    Since Halloween is the holiday for lighthearted horror, you’ll want to find a Halloween gifts that hits just the right note. Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of Halloween-themed options to choose from, including everything from Halloween-themed fruit shapes like ghost pineapples to chocolate Dipped™ pineapple bats. They make great light-hearted scary gifts, especially for young kids who may be afraid of gore. Send an Edible® fruit arrangement to family and friends with kids for a healthy Halloween treat that’s still appropriately, frightfully festive.

    Gifts for Halloween Lovers

    If you know people who love Halloween, then you should send them a delightful Halloween-themed gift from Edible Arrangements®. We have special Halloween options for the season with classic Edible® flavors in creative Halloween-themed shapes, such as chocolate Dipped Fruits™ in ghost, bat, and cat shapes. You can also send Dipped™ strawberries, which always have a great flavor and look. With delicious flavors and fun new shapes, an Edible® Arrangement can make your loved ones’ Halloween more exciting.

    Halloween Gifts for Coworkers

    Halloween is a great reason to have fun with your co-workers and break up the monotony of the work week. Instead of buying a bag of bulk candy, get Halloween gifts for your coworkers from Edible Arrangements®. If you’re giving everyone at work a treat, our Dipped Fruit™ boxes are a perfect fit. Delicious caramel apples or fruit pieces dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate are a quick and easy way to show your coworkers that you care. Plus, our Dipped Fruit™ gifts are something everyone can share at the office without making a mess. No knife needed.

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