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    Housewarming Gifts & Fruit Baskets

    Let Edible Arrangements® help you say "Welcome Home" with our hand made selection of housewarming gifts. Unique, fruity and festive, this collection is dedicated to fresh beginnings and sweet memories. Oh, and pineapple? It's a traditional symbol of welcome throughout the world- and the perfect addition to your new housewarming gift.

    Your Selection: Housewarming Gifts

    New Home Gift Basket

    Carefully crafted with the freshest (and most delicious) ingredients, our arrangements and Dipped Fruit™ boxes are a fun and unique take on traditional housewarming gifts. Whether you’re sending a thoughtful new home gift basket featuring a variety of fresh fruit favorites or a congratulatory gift set designed in a keepsake container, our gifts are a perfectly sweet way to celebrate a new home! A housewarming gift is meant to bring a smile to those who have just moved into a new home. It is also meant to give them a feeling of being welcome in the new residence. We specialize in curating gift baskets which are perfect for the occasion. Every new home gift basket that we create is meant to convey a feeling of joyous welcome. You can choose a delicious bouquet of dipped strawberries and bananas or make it one of the more fun housewarming gifts by choosing from our mouth-watering gourmet gift sets. Or you can simply get a box-full of our gourmet-curated chocolate-dipped strawberries, which never fail to impress.

    Unique Housewarming Gifts

    You can certainly indulge yourself in traditional housewarming gifts but most of them tend to lack fun and creativity. Our fruit bouquets come with chocolatey delights and our gift sets pack chocolate-covered fruits of different varieties. The fruits are incredibly fresh, the chocolate 100% pure and the outlook so delightful that it tingles the taste buds at the very first sight. So, if you get a new home gift basket from our collection, you will be giving the new arrivals a healthy, delicious, fun and sure-to-be-remember gift.

    Practical Housewarming Gifts

    When it comes to practical housewarming gifts, nothing compares to a delicious fruit arrangement they can enjoy on move-in day or with guests at their housewarming party. A bright array of fresh fruit dipped in decadent chocolate is the perfect way to welcome someone to the neighborhood or congratulate friends or family on their new home. In the midst of all the moving boxes and new furniture, the fruit arrangement you send may be the first thing a couple or family enjoys in their new home together, making their new house feel more like “home.”

    Most Popular Housewarming Gifts

    For a gift that’s sure to make a great impression, choose from one of our most popular housewarming gifts. A fruit arrangement with pineapple and melon daisies placed with ripe strawberries, melon spears, and grapes features the perfect assortment of fruit pieces that Edible® Arrangements is known for. With a wide assortment of fresh fruit, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Two size options make it possible to choose a perfectly-sized gift for the new homeowners.

    Expensive Housewarming Gifts

    Expensive housewarming gifts send the message of grandeur and full support. However, a gift that looks expensive and luxurious doesn’t have to cost you can actual fortune. Our collection of housewarming gifts makes it easy to find the perfect way to stay within your budget, no matter how modest or lavish it is. If you want a giant fruit display assembled onsite at a swanky housewarming party, there’s an arrangement for that. If you’re not feeding a crowd but simply sending a gift to a friend or loved one, a box of festive Pineapple Drip CakesTM might fit the bill. Whatever your housewarming gift-giving needs, there’s an Edible Arrangements® gift that will make their day feel more special.

    Best Housewarming Gifts for First Home

    Need a way to celebrate your loved one’s purchase of their first home? Choose a housewarming gift that truly emphasizes this big milestone. You only buy your first home once, after all. Opt for a gift that properly marks the occasion, such as a Dipped Fruit™ gift set or one of our signature fresh fruit arrangements with pineapples, chocolate Dipped™ strawberries and bananas, cantaloupe wedges, and more. Complete your housewarming surprise by selecting a festive congratulations themed container and decorated chocolate pop.

    Traditional Housewarming Gifts

    What makes a traditional housewarming gift? For centuries, fruit has served as a sweet gift to wish bounty and fruitfulness onto others for occasions such as weddings and the purchase of a new home. In colonial times, people turned to giving each other pineapple as a symbol of hospitality and friendship. Wish your friends and loved ones success for years to come with a fruit display served in a beautiful keepsake container, complete with pineapple pieces (plus other delicious fresh fruit) in the spirit of hospitality.

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