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    Send A Delicious Just Because Gift Delivery

    Sometimes, the most impactful gifts are those that are received unexpectedly. For just because gifts that help you express care, concern, appreciation, and more, Edible Arrangements® has the perfect fresh fruit arrangement, chocolate dipped assortment, or sweet collection for everyone!

    Your Selection: Just Because

    Unique Just Because Gifts

    Unique just because gifts extend beyond the kindness of a verbal expression or thoughtful note to honour the greater impact or importance of the person or effort. Accompany your words with a luscious bouquet of pineapple daisies and white chocolate doves to show someone compassion and wishes for peace. No note may be required when you choose a shiny, colourful balloon that accompanies a cheesecake and cookie bundle to proclaim your appreciation.

    Just Because Gifts for Girlfriend

    Aside from special anniversaries or occasions, just because gifts for girlfriends show them how much they mean to you beyond the designated calendar dates that remind you to do so. From bundles including fresh flowers, a plush bear, and chocolate dipped treats or fresh fruit arrangements with congratulatory balloons, it is easy to find the perfect just because gift for your cherished girlfriend.

    Just Because Gifts for Boyfriend

    Just because gifts for boyfriends treat them to sweet surprises that show them how much you care. You may tell them all the time, but sending a fresh fruit arrangement to support fellow teammates after a weekend scrimmage or a scrumptious cookie and cake bundle for individual restoration and relaxation are thoughtful tokens of your affection. Share your love for him with the world with any number of collections or bundles that include an “I love you” balloon!

    Just Because Gifts for Best Friend

    With just because gifts for best friends, you reinforce “bestie” status. Our chocolate dipped fruit offerings range from individual assortments and bouquets to spectacular arrangements perfect for your next hang out. Delicious cheesecake and brownie bundles are the perfect indulgence over the course of the week or mood-boosting surprise. For any inspiration or simply because it’s Wednesday, your just because gifts are sure to make your best friend’s day!

    Just Because Gifts for Mom

    You often tell your mom how much you love her. For tasty and unexpected showings of your affection, treat your mom to a luscious box of Swizzle Berries®, our specialty chocolate dipped strawberries with decorative sugar swirl. Honour her preferences with a customized collection of her favourites, like a box bursting with fruits like melon, bananas, and apples that can be covered in chocolate and topped with designs of your choice or a platter of pastries with smooth, creamy treats that she only enjoys on special occasions.

    Just Because Gifts for Him Delivered

    Having just because gifts for him delivered shows that you’ve taken the extra effort to brighten his day and express your heartfelt sentiments. From chocolate dipped fruit and balloon bundles that express love or appreciation to seasonal goodies that lend a festive spirit to his home, find the perfect just because gift for him and have it delivered directly to his home or office.

    Just Because Gifts for Her Delivered

    Make the day memorable with a Simply Edible® fruit bouquet that includes pineapple daisies and juicy strawberries or a thoughtful duo of fresh flowers and sweets, like a birthday cheesecake or assorted chocolate dipped fruits. When you have just because gifts for her delivered to her, you don’t need to see her face to know how appreciated and supported she feels, not to mention, surprised!

    Same Day Just Because Gifts

    Same day just because gifts are easy to access and share. Take the time to connect by picking up a seasonal chocolate dipped collection at your local Edible Arrangements® storefront, an option that may even include some additional savings, or surprise them with a delivery at home or at work with sprinkled celebrations of the chocolate dipped fruit or cupcake variety. However and wherever your same day just because gifts arrive to them, your kind actions are sure to make their day!

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