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    Last Minute Birthday Gifts

    Don’t limit your last minute birthday gifts to gift cards. With gifts like a beautiful bundle including fresh flowers and chocolate cake or a personalized box of treats with cuddly bear or festive balloon, shop now and be ready for the birthday celebration!

    Last Minute Birthday Gifts for All Ages

    Shopping preferences can vary substantially for individuals in different age groups, but our last minute birthday gifts for all ages provide you with a one stop shopping opportunity for everyone! Explore our balloon bundle options to find a celebratory balloon with personalized individual touches based on your recipient like fresh flowers, a floral fruit bouquet, creamy cupcakes or a decadent cake, cuddly plush toys, and even assorted collections of baked goods. Hosting the birthday party itself? Choose a spectacular showpiece to serve as a gift for all to talk about and share, like a fresh fruit bouquet with pineapples in star shapes and chocolate dipped strawberries or a dessert board with multiple sweet delicacies to delight the guest of honor and their closest friends!

    Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Her

    From co-workers and best friends to close family members, like a treasured aunt or mom, express just how much you appreciate and value that person with last minute birthday gifts for her. A stunning fresh fruit or vibrant flower bouquet with an accompanying chocolate cake or chocolate dipped fruit collection is sure to be a hit when she receives it unexpectedly at the office or finds it waiting for her on the table at home. Fresh from our Edible Bakeshop™, a thoughtful gift of her favourite baked goods, including decadent cheesecakes and fluffy cupcakes with creamy topping is a fitting sweet beginning, middle, or ending to her special day. Consider some of your favourite memories together and let those inspire your selections from the vast gift collection at Edible Arrangements®.

    Unique Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Everyone

    Instead of a latest installment of kitchen towels or another refresh on packages of their favourite local coffee, change up your gift approach this year with unique last minute birthday gifts for everyone. Anyone would be thrilled to receive a personal party kit that includes a trio of birthday gifts, like a festive cupcake, balloon, and mini fruit bouquet. For everyone’s enjoyment, consider a festive bundle of chocolate dipped fruits (prepared or in an interactive kit) or encourage collective merriment with the awe-inspiring platters which offer a variety of premium fruits, baked goods, and other confections.

    Same Day & Last Minute Birthday Gifts Delivered

    Especially if you are traveling from a distance to celebrate a birthday, want to ensure you have a gift prepared, or simply just forgot to buy one, you have plenty of options when you have one of our same day and last minute birthday gifts delivered to your favourite person. From the unexpected joy of a beautiful fruit bouquet arriving on their doorstep to the joy of sharing a celebratory cheesecake with fellow work friends, having a sweet gift delivered makes it clear that you are celebrating them on their birthday!

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