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    Last Minute Gifts For Dad

    With many same day delivery and next day delivery gift ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect last minute gift for dad. Shop here!

    Last Minute Gifts for Dad

    Last minute delectable fruits and sweet treats from Edible Arrangements® are a sure-fire way to knock it out of the park with dad. After all, when you spend your life making sure you don’t disappoint a person, giving them the right gift can put a lot of pressure on you! The good news is, Edible Arrangements® offers an extensive selection of delicious treats, mouth-watering fruits, and chocolate dipped goodies that are sure to leave dad thrilled.

    Personalized Last Minute Gifts for Dad

    If you’re worried about finding a gift that suits dad’s particular taste, then you’ll appreciate the ability to customize your arrangement or box of treats with our Edible® , Your Way options. Choose from pineapples, bite-sized bananas, strawberries, and more, or select strawberry cupcakes, gourmet chocolate brownies, or cookies for the more traditional sweet tooth. This is the perfect time to show your dad you know just what kind of sweets he prefers (or the opportunity to select a healthy alternative to the more troublesome foods he tends to lean towards). Whatever your reason, last minute shopping won’t prevent you from giving decadence created just for him.

    Unique Last Minute Gifts for Dad

    You can’t get away with giving your dad the same old boring ties you used to give him anymore. When it’s time to escalate your gift-giving creativity, then look for Edible Arrangements® to come to the rescue. You can rely on our pre-designed themed platters, perfect for sports seasons, or choose a beautiful bouquet of fruits to give your dad something he won’t forget. Consider a box filled with decadent desserts to satisfy his sweet tooth, or opt for a gift bundle that includes a little bit of everything. Skip the ordinary gifts and add some chocolate dipped fruit selections from Edible Arrangements® to make your gift all the more enticing for Dad.

    Last Minute Gifts for Dad for Any Occasion

    You can probably think of a hundred reasons to give your dad a gift, and if you’re facing any of these occasions and you’re at a loss on what to give him, Edible Arrangements® can help! Whether you’ve forgotten a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary or something unexpected has happened and you need a congratulations or get well soon gift, the gift of an indulgent treat will leave him feeling spoiled and loved. You also have the choice to swing by one of our 1,000+ Edible Arrangements® stores to pick out exactly what you want, exactly when you want it.

    Last Minute Gifts for Dad Delivered

    For those who don’t live close to dad, delivering succulent fruit and flavorful bites is ideal for making sure you’re not missing any special days. With Edible Arrangements®, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your dad’s delicious delights to him in time. Several tasty options are available for same day delivery, making your gift-giving a seamless transaction that won’t even give your dad a clue you waited until the last minute.

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