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    Lemonade – Order Online

    For a refreshing treat when you’re on the go, choose freshly made lemonade from Edible Arrangements. Order online & pick up at a location near you today!

    Your Selection: Lemonade


    Few things are more refreshing than a nice, cool glass of lemonade on a warm day. Whether you’re craving a glass of classic lemonade or an exotic twist on this delicious beverage, your local Edible Arrangements® store offers a variety of delicious lemonade beverages to choose from for anytime refreshment.

    Grab Refreshing Lemonade To Go

    Grab a refreshing lemonade to go from your local Edible® Store. With more than 1,000 store locations worldwide, there’s an Edible® Store near your home or office to meet all your refreshment and gift-giving needs. Choose from classic lemonade or one of our tasty twists on traditional lemonade, like lemonade that’s infused with sweet lavender for a calm and revitalizing beverage. Or, opt for a delicious lemonade with whole blueberries or floating strawberries for a surprising, satisfying twist on the classic favorite.

    The Best Fresh Lemonade Near Me

    Looking for the best fresh lemonade near you? Browse our list of store locations or search our handy store locator by zip code or city and state to find the Edible® Store nearest to your home or office. Stop by whenever you’re in need of a cool, fruity refreshment to get you through your day, whether it’s on your daily commute, your lunch break, or on a fun-filled weekend with family or friends. Choose from classic lemonade, lemonade with floating strawberries or whole blueberries, or opt for lemonade infused with sweet lavender. Try them all to discover your favorite fresh lemonade flavor.

    Pick Up Fresh Lemonade at Your Local Edible® Store

    When you’re out and about, stop by your local Edible® Store to pick up a delicious fresh lemonade. Choose from classic lemonade, lemonade with strawberries or whole blueberries, and lavender-infused lemonade for a variety of refreshing options. Our Fruit Experts® will make it fresh so you can enjoy the ultimate in refreshment made from the finest-quality ingredients and the freshest fruits.

    Order Refreshing Lemonade Online for In-Store Pickup

    For convenient on-the-go refreshment, you can order a fresh lemonade online and pick it up at your local Edible® Store. Our Fruit Experts® will make your order fresh and have it ready for you to enjoy when you arrive. Order a refreshing and calming lavender-infused lemonade to enjoy during your evening commute to wind down after a long day at the office, or enjoy a tasty classic lemonade or a lemonade with floating strawberries or whole blueberries on your lunch break or for a quick pick-me-up whenever you need it. With a variety of tasty and refreshing options you can order online for in-store pickup, Edible Arrangements® is your one-stop shop for anytime refreshment.

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