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    Fun & Fresh St. Patrick's Day Gifts

    When shopping for St. Patrick’s Day gifts, you are always in luck at Edible Arrangements®. Shop our vast collection of fresh fruit and decadent dessert arrangements in festive bouquet, platter, box, bundle, or board designs with holiday-inspired decor!

    Your Selection: St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick’s Day Party Gifts

    For the hosts who throw the best celebrations of this holiday each year or as your contribution to any upcoming event, select St. Patrick’s Day party gifts for all to enjoy or to show appreciation for the merriment. For welcome refreshment in the midst of the fun or on the day after, choose a fresh fruit arrangement that includes delectable strawberries, apples, and melons with or without indulgent chocolate dipped toppings. Although it’s not a pot of gold, one of our beautiful platters or bundles with brownies, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and more is something everyone will enjoy!

    St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Gifts

    The fun and festive associations of this holiday may be the reason that St. Patrick’s Day is becoming a more frequent choice for wedding events. Since there is double the reason to celebrate, your St. Patrick’s Day wedding gifts might reflect the greater magnitude of the day’s joy! From towering fresh fruit and Swizzle® berry bouquets to customizable treat collections including chocolate dipped fruits or desserts with the decorations of your choice, your selection will be a welcome luxury for the wedded couple, especially after the busy nature of the day, or a fantastic gift to enjoy during the lead up or aftermath of the big event.

    St. Patrick’s Day Gifts Delivered

    Looking to have St. Patrick’s Day gifts delivered this year? We’ll deliver the festive, tasty, and fresh indulgences that you’ve been searching for. From individual gifts like petite holiday-inspired fruit boxes to luxurious blooming flower bouquets or fresh fruit assortments designed to look like those same floral displays, surprise and delight your loved ones with one of these celebratory treats. Specialty seasonal items may also be available for free delivery, so be sure to check out those limited time collections to have festive St. Patrick’s Day gifts delivered!

    Unique St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Parties

    Impress your guests with one of our many unique St. Patrick’s Day treats for parties. For an attention-grabbing centerpiece to your party space, choose one of our towering spectacles of floral fruit bouquets that include items like pineapple daisies, chocolate dipped strawberries, and more. Serving at least fifteen people, our dessert boards are a spread for the senses with intriguing individual servings of creamy cheesecakes, soft and chewy brownies, and cookies in a variety of beloved flavours, not to mention fresh fruits and chocolate confections. Whatever sensational item you choose for your own party or as a gift, it is sure to be one of the edible highlights!

    Same Day St. Patrick’s Gifts

    For that impromptu gathering or the one you forgot was scheduled, we’ve offer same day St. Patrick’s gifts that let you celebrate enthusiastically, even without advanced planning. For fun with friends or family, the chocolate strawberry dipping kit is a delicious and interactive experience for all ages! Skip the baking but bring on the scrumptious luxury of enticing baked goods, like seasonal cheesecakes and chocolate confections decorated with festive colours or Swizzles®. For pick up or delivery, we have many offerings to help you focus on the joy of the day instead of frantic gift finding!

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