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    Strawberry Delivery

    If you’re looking for the perfect strawberries, look no further. Edible Arrangements conveniently delivers fresh strawberries straight to your door. Shop today!

    Your Selection: Strawberry Desserts

    Strawberry Delivery

    Strawberries are among the most beloved fruits. Sweet and juicy, they offer the perfect burst of fruity flavor in every delicious bite. The perfect complement to sweet chocolate flavors, strawberries are an incredibly versatile fruit packed with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Whether you’re looking for the freshest, ripest strawberries or tasty strawberry treats and gifts, Edible Arrangements® delivers the most delicious fresh strawberries and strawberry treats straight to your door.

    Fresh Strawberry Delivery

    One of the best things about strawberries is that they’re delicious all on their own, making them a perfect mid-day snack, but they’re also excellent in desserts and when paired with other mouth-watering fruit flavors. It’s not always easy to find quality fresh strawberries at your local grocery store or market, but Edible Arrangements® makes it easy to enjoy your favorite fruit all year long. Choose from boxes filled with strawberries and other fresh fruit favorites like bananas, pineapple, grapes, oranges, Granny Smith apples, and more.

    Strawberries and Fresh Fruits Delivered

    When you want the freshest, finest, ripest fruits, turn to Edible Arrangements®. We carefully select every fruit to ensure the finest quality, and we’ll hand-deliver a box filled with strawberries and other whole fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, and more straight to your door. No more spending hours visiting multiple stores and carefully checking every piece of fruit to ensure you’re getting a suitable quality; Edible Arrangements® does it all for you. Plus, fruit is kind of our thing, so you can have confidence that we’ll deliver only the best of the best. Best of all, you don’t even have to drive to the store or market. Simply choose from our selection of strawberry and fresh fruit boxes and tell us where to deliver it. Then, sit back and relax while we handle it from there.

    Best Chocolate Covered Strawberries Delivery

    Strawberries have an amazing flavor all on their own, but when you want a sweeter treat, there’s nothing more satisfying than delectable chocolate dipped strawberries. We carefully select the freshest, ripest strawberries and hand-dip each one in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate to ensure the perfect blend of strawberry and chocolate flavors. If you’re looking for a fun activity for an afternoon or evening spent with family, friends, or someone you love, choose a Chocolate Strawberry Dipping Kit to make your own delectable chocolate dipped strawberries. It comes with a dozen fresh, juicy strawberries, Edible’s® Dipping Chocolate, plus an assortment of scrumptious toppings like white crispies and crushed almonds. Want a bit more flavor variety? Our Family Fruit Dipping Kit comes with a whole host of strawberries and bananas, complete with Edible’s® Dipping Chocolate that perfectly complements the fresh, succulent fruit flavors. Not only is it guaranteed fun, but it’s also an incredibly delicious treat for the whole family.

    The Freshest, Ripest Strawberries Delivered Straight to Your Door

    If you’re a strawberry lover, then you know that the freshness and quality of a strawberry makes all the difference. We’re fruit experts here at Edible Arrangements®, so you can trust us to find the freshest, finest-quality, most delicious strawberries. What could be better than having fresh, juicy strawberries hand-picked by the experts delivered straight to your door?

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