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    2023 Thanksgiving Gifts

    At Edible Arrangements you can find beautiful 2023 Thanksgiving gift baskets filled with chocolate covered fruit favorites. Shop our Thanksgiving gifts here!

    Your Selection: Thanksgiving (10/10)

    Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts

    Thanksgiving is a time to show the people closest to you that you care about them, and a gift from Edible Arrangements® is the perfect way to do so. With so many options to choose from including a variety of fresh fruits, chocolate, and decorative toppings, it is easy to find a gift that is a perfect fit for your loved ones. Plus, Edible Arrangements® are the perfect share-able gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    What to Give for Thanksgiving

    If you’re trying to decide what to give for Thanksgiving, consider a delicious fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements®. We offer a variety of gift options with seasonal themes, such as pineapples cut into delightful fall shapes such as leaves, Edible® Donuts in rich fall colors, and more. Our arrangements have a unique look with flavorful fruit and delectable chocolate, making receiving – and giving – a gift from Edible Arrangements® a fun experience for everyone.

    Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers

    Teachers are an important part of our lives, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to say, “Thanks for all you do.” Edible Arrangements® offers a number of fresh fruit arrangements and gift sets that make perfect Thanksgiving gifts for teachers. A big arrangement with Edible® fruit flowers and chocolate dipped fruit makes a fun gift from a student or from the whole class. Or, you can opt for something smaller and just as delicious, like leaf-shaped pineapples and Granny Smith apples dipped in semisweet chocolate and decorated to perfection. You can also try something more playful, like an arrangement with a chocolate Dipped™ pineapple turkey in it. It is good for a lot of laughs and a great snack.

    Thanksgiving Food Gifts

    Thanksgiving tables always need centerpieces, and a large Edible Arrangement® with fresh fruit like pineapples, strawberries, oranges, grapes, and apples is the perfect solution. Not only is it a beautiful centerpiece, but it’s also a great appetizer. Once everyone has had enough, they will have cleared enough space for the turkey. Or, choose an arrangement with a combination of fresh fruit and chocolate dipped fruit pieces to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth after the meal. A fresh fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements® is a fun and practical way to fill your table and your guests at the same time. For those traveling to a friend’s or loved one’s home for Thanksgiving dinner, sending an Edible Arrangement® is the perfect way to thank them for their hospitality.

    Thanksgiving Gifts for Men

    If the guy in your life loves fun gifts and chocolate, a gift from Edible Arrangements® is guaranteed to brighten his day. A box of Dipped Fruit™ can quickly put a smile on his face as well as fill his stomach. There are many fruit options to choose from including pineapples cut into fall-festive shapes, cantaloupe wedges, and chocolate dipped strawberries, so it’s easy to find a gift that he’ll enjoy. He’ll love every bite – so much so that you’ll probably have to make it a yearly tradition!

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