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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

    Buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a special couple in your life? Shop our Valentine's Day gifts for couples including delivery and pick up options today!

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples with Baby

    Having a baby is a life-changing experience. It can be stressful and sleep-depriving, but also very rewarding. While each transition into parenthood is different, there is one thing every parent needs: food! With the baby taking up so much time, it can be difficult for parents to find time to cook, let alone take a little time for themselves. An arrangement of delicious fresh fruit and chocolate from Edible Arrangements® makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for new parents. Choose an arrangement featuring heart-shaped pineapple, grapes, and strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, and even Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pops for added decadence to make their Valentine’s Day special this year. You might even offer to babysit so they can enjoy some time together to rest and recharge.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for New Couples

    Whenever your first start dating someone, gift-giving can be extremely difficult. You likely won’t know all of the other person’s like and dislikes, but you want to give them something unique and special. Edible Arrangements® offers a variety of Valentine’s Day arrangements and gift sets that are sure to make a big impression. Each arrangement is carefully crafted with a variety of mouthwatering fruits like pineapple hearts, strawberries, grapes, and chocolate dipped strawberries. Choose an arrangement featuring Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pops for an extra-sweet surprise or paired with festive balloons or a cuddly plush bear to make a bold statement.

    Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

    Want to go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day? Edible Arrangements® has the perfect gift to make your partner’s Valentine’s Day special this year. Our boxes of delicious strawberries dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate are the perfect romantic gift. Featuring only the freshest, juiciest strawberries and hand dipped in real, gourmet chocolate, each strawberry is artfully decorated with white Swizzle®, micro drops, or red hearts for the perfect festive look. To top it off, they’re carefully packaged in a custom I Love You box for the perfect finish. You can even pair a box of chocolate dipped strawberries with one of our famous fruit arrangements.

    Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

    If you find the stereotypical Valentine’s Day gifts like traditional boxes of chocolates and flower bouquets a bore, you’re not alone. Everyone wants to give a Valentine’s Day gift that’s thoughtful, special, and unique. Edible Arrangements® features a collection of delicious and one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to stand out. Don’t settle for a boring Valentine’s Day gift. Instead, surprise your partner or your favorite couple with a delightfully crafted fresh fruit arrangement featuring juicy heart-shaped pineapples, strawberries, and grapes from Edible Arrangements®. For a little extra oomph, pair it with a box of chocolate dipped strawberries or festive balloons.

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