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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

    Our Valentine's Day gifts contain a healthy mix of chocolates and fruit - perfect for kids on this special day. Shop our Valentine's Day gifts for kids today!

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Toddlers

    Picking a Valentine’s Day gift for your toddler can be even more difficult. There is a small selection of gifts that are age-appropriate for toddlers, and your toddler’s own likes and dislikes can limit the options even more. Luckily, Edible Arrangements® has a collection of yummy gifts that will brighten any toddler’s day. Choose a delightful arrangement of fresh fruits with some chocolate dipped strawberries mixed in. All of our fruit arrangements are expertly crafted and delivered right to your door. Your toddler will love the sweet taste of the fruit and chocolate, and you’ll love that your toddler isn’t consuming a whole box of chocolates.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Preschoolers

    While preschoolers can partake in a wider variety of gifts than toddlers, finding something they’ll like and appreciate can still be challenging. Some preschoolers are very picky, and many are not yet old enough to appreciate certain gifts. For example, your average preschooler is not going to be able to appreciate a nice bouquet of flowers. However, Edible Arrangements® has a wide variety of fruit arrangements that will light up your preschooler’s day. Choose from arrangements made with a variety of fresh fruits including grapes, strawberries, and heart-shaped pineapples, chocolate dipped strawberries, and more.

    Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

    Many Valentine’s Day gifts are adult-oriented, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an amazing gift for the younger loves in your life. Surprise your child this year with a box of chocolate dipped strawberries. All of our strawberries are selected at the peak of freshness and hand-dipped in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate shortly before delivery. Many of our strawberries even come with artisanal designs, such as micro drops, red hearts, and white Swizzle®. Packaged in a festive boxthey’re sure to make this Valentine’s Day one for the books.

    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teenagers

    Just because a child gets older doesn’t mean they don’t still appreciate a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. However, many of the gifts you got your child, nieces or nephews when they were little just aren’t fitting anymore. Edible Arrangements® has a wide variety of Valentine’s Day gifts that are suitable for teens. Choose from a selection of expertly crafted fruit arrangements and boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries. You can even complete your gift with a festive balloon or two and a cuddly teddy bear, or choose an arrangement featuring Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pops for an extra-sweet treat.

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